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In the Pacific Northwest, Potlatch is a social event or celebration.  It was an important social event among Northwest tribes that marked the status of an individual or celebrated a special occasion.  These celebrations could take more than a year to prepare and sometimes lasted up to ten days.  Food and entertainment were provided, and gifts were given to guests who attended.

The annual Potlatch has been the premier event of the Washington State Society for over 50 years. Potlatch features homegrown seafood, vegetables, candies, beer and wine through a reception and sit down dinner. Following dinner, guests participate in a silent auction and charity raffle for exciting prizes, and dance the night away to a live band. The 59th Annual Potlatch Charity Gala will be held May 17th 2019 at the Washington Hilton! Potlatch is an adult event, you must be 21 years of age to attend. Tickets are available for purchase now!

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The Washington State Society relies on generous sponsors for products from Washington State, prizes for the charity raffle and sponsorship to make Potlatch a success. If you wish to support our efforts, please email the Events Team!

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