Membership to the Washington State Society provides you with an
opportunity to meet and network with individuals living and working in
the Washington, D.C. area that are “rooted” in Washington State.  The
Washington State Society brings together Members of Congress, Capitol
Hill and Administration staff, journalists, students, military staff,
diplomats, business leaders, and many more.

The Washington State Society hosts and sponsors many well
established events in the Washington, D.C. area including happy hours,
receptions, and sports-watching events.  Our premier event is the
annual Potlatch Dinner, where members feast on fine Washington State
products, such as seafood, wine and beer.

Membership privileges include free or discounted admission to
Washington State Society events.  Membership is $20 per person and is
valid for one calendar year.  To become a member, please choose one of the following options:

-Complete the transaction online via Square. Please note, a convenience charge of $1.00 will apply. Click here to use Square to complete the online transaction or copy and paste this link:

-Complete a Membership Form and include a check payable to “Washington State
Society”.  You can mail the Membership Form to:

Washington State Society
P.O. Box 75203
Washington, DC 20013

Download the Membership Form: WSS 2018 Membership form

If you have any questions regarding Membership, please contact us at